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Fresh from a win at the Australian Songwriters Association Awards, Blood on the Water opens with Rose Parker’s resonant alto voice, weaving its way through dark moody synth and guitar layers, a single headlight on a dark lonely backroad at night, finally building to the full driving voice of a woman in charge, a glorious battle cry as she charges into the fray with both feet firmly planted on her beloved Australian soil, all whilst wearing a fabulous pair of boots.

Blood on the Water is a song about claiming your space in the shark tank of life, but also a grateful reflection on those who stay with you on the road through both your finest, and darkest moments.

“My Daddy used to say, ‘you can’t please everybody all the time’,” Parker states. “It took me a while to really learn learn to say learn when and how to walk away. When to leave the drama whirling in its own heaving mess, that you can’t fix everything and that’s ok because it’s just Blood on the Water. A life lived in constant self- doubt and anxiety is a joyless miserable place to dwell. Trust your gut. Back yourself. Whilst my own personal revelation is front and center, the intent is to remind the listener to keep swimming, claim your space, speak up and sing out loud!”

Blood on the Water Digital Single

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