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Rose Parker Public Speaker

Rose Parker has a unique story. 

Rose Parker is an Occupational Therapist who has worked in private practice for over 30 years, in the area of chronic pain management.

She is also a talented singer/songwriter/guitarist who has recorded four albums with The Velvet Janes, and toured Australia and the USA in the folk and blues scene.


In 2004 she was the composer in residence for The Deckchair Theatre Company for an original play entitled "Hysteria....a story of women and mental illness."


She is a survivor of childhood trauma, abuse and neglect, being placed in institutional care at the age of 3, and remaining in the care of the state until the age of 18. She is now an Ambassador for Blue Knot Foundation, the National Centre of Excellence for Complex Trauma. 

Rose discovered the power of music and the joy of song as a child growing up in orphanages and foster homes. Music was a way to interact, communicate and to connect. Her mother and grandmother were both gifted and intuitive musicians and singers and in the precious time that they had together, taught her to sing and harmonise around the kitchen table.

At the age of 12, Rose was given a watch, a guitar and a radio. At her first guitar lesson, her teacher recognised her natural gift for singing and promptly began to teach her to play and sing. She sang and played her way through Applecross High School musicals, school camps, church choirs and accapella groups and as a backing vocalist for other artists while working her own songwriting craft and overcoming nerves and stage fright!!

With all of these colourful threads combined, Rose's story is woven with hope, love and resilience. A gifted communicator and a passion for helping women to find their voices, Rose is available for your next event.



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