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I don’t really know if my song is good enough.

I don’t really know if I’M good enough.

I don’t have anything original to say.

I don’t really play an instrument.

Sound like you?


All the things we say to ourselves that thwart our creative process. In these one-on-one sessions, you will be encouraged, challenged, supported, and assisted to learn skills to both start AND finish your songs. Learn the role of inspiration and the role of perspiration. Good songs require both. 


You will learn the phases of :

1. Feel it

2. Work it

3. Finish it

4. Edit it

5. Rewrite it

6. Sing it. How does it make you feel?

7. Record it. Listen back. How does it back you feel?


A good song finds the extraordinary in the ordinary…the everyday little things that we all have in common.


Rose is a fantastic songwriter and a great facilitator. During this three-hour session, Rose will help you shape a song you're trying to write or draw a new one out of you. Royalties are 100% yours. Bring along something you've been working on!


"Rose Parker is an amazing songwriting mentor. I came away from our songwriting session feeling incredibly inspired, supported and encouraged. There is something so compelling about Rose, it's like she's speaking right to your soul." Midnight Francine aka Nici Bull


"Working with Rose Parker ... I’ve been a huge fan of Rose Parker over the years, I’ve loved the way she intertwines story and song together so effortlessly. Rose is incredibly talented, enchanting, wise, and inspiring on so many levels. I jumped at the chance to work with Rose. It’s was pure joy to work on a song, the flow was alive and we shared in an experience that will stay with me for a while. I didn’t know songwriting could be fun, engaging, and exciting." Natasha Shanks, The Little Lord Street Band.


Working on that song with Rose

You might be thinking it's not ready yet. The words swimming around in your mind make no sense, or a tune beckoning at your door is not quite there. You want to turn it into a song, but you're missing a piece of the puzzle to get you there.

Dear comrade, my advice to you is not to nut this one out alone. Instead, pull up a chair or a cushion and share your messy, vulnerable, creative kind-of-a-song with Rose Parker.


"In her kind, robust way, she worked with me through the ebbs and flows of writing, and together we hunted down the words and the sound to suit. I will preface the process wasn't easy, but it was pretty great, and over a few hours we worked at it, and I'm happy to say I wrote my first song." Love Polanski 


Sessions take place in Fremantle, WA.


Find Your Voice One-on-One Songwriting Session

  • Rose understands that life happens and if a session is scheduled and you need to change, please just let her know, no probs.

    Session's are not refundable however they are transferrable.

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